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SCA meets on the third Friday of each month, except for July, August and December. Coffee, Tea service and a light breakfast provided! SCA offers 1.5 continuing education credits for the presentations.

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Our June meeting is a longer training on ethics for a total of 3 credits
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Swedish Cultural Center
1920 Dexter Avenue North Seattle, WA 98109-2718

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SCA October 2011 Meeting

Understanding the Emotional Issues Surrounding Money

October 21, 2011

Danielle DeBray

As counselors we are aware that a topic as hot as money is going to invade the counseling room, but we generally receive little training on how to address the issue. Usually, financial issues are considered to be the domain of financial planners or accountants. And yet, that approach reflects our culture’s relationship with money. It appears to be a combination of fear and reverence; either money is too vile or too exalted to be examined closely.  However, money is only the physical manifestation of one’s energy.  Once we quantify money in these terms, we begin to normalize our relationship with it.

In this workshop, to more completely understand the drama that can surround money, we will explore what role it may play in people’s lives and the myths that can be attached to it.  When we are able to name the myths we have regarding money and the roles we place upon it, it becomes apparent how unhealed issues are manifested in one’s financial life. With an understanding of what it looks like when emotional forces are derailing or aiding one’s financial world, clinicians will begin the process of understanding how to create financial health from a psychological perspective.


The presenter, Danielle DeBray, has been counseling individuals and couples for over 20 years. With a graduate degree from LIOS in 1993, her counseling experience spans working in private practice as well as agency work that includes being a crisis responder ( DMHP) for both Okanogan and King county. 

Danielle’s unique talent is reflected in her combination of degrees in which she is able to integrate the quantitative with the qualitative. As well as a graduate counseling degree, she also has an undergraduate degree from the University of Washington in international trade and investment. For over 10 years, she worked with Investment and Retirement Advisors and her own company, the Financial Resolutions Counselors, where she created a model and applied it to help clients understand the emotional implications of their money. 

She has conducted workshops throughout the state for various organizations that include the International Association of Financial Planners, the University of Washinton Women’s Center, and the Harborview Sexual Assault &Traumatic Stress Center. She has published regularly including a monthly article for Women’s Network.

Her current practice is located in the Madison Park/Valley area.  She specializes in communication and skill building to holistically address whatever symptom may be frustrating one’s life to help bring people to their highest potential.