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Our June meeting is a longer training on ethics for a total of 3 credits
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Swedish Cultural Center
1920 Dexter Avenue North Seattle, WA 98109-2718

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SCA March 2017 Meeting

Psychosynthesis: Concepts and practice of the fourth force in psychotherapy

Cathy Henschel-McGerry, MA, LMHC, LMFT

March 17, 2017

Psychosynthesis is an approach for working with integrating psychological realms, including the personality and the soul, analysis and synthesis and fragmentation and wholeness. The central feature of the Psychosynthesis approach is realization and expression of the Self – that is, the core of authentic Being, of pure consciousness. The Self is seen as the true inner guide to each person’s development and healing. Psychosynthesis inquires into the direct experience of the Self from both transcendent and subjective perspectives.
Psychosynthesis, in its application, is a means of integrating and synthesizing the polarities experienced in the human condition. This approach offers principles and methods for integration of the realms of personality and essence, discontinuity and coherence.

This presentation will introduce participants to an overview of the central concepts and principles of Psychosynthesis, including subpersonalities, identification, disidentification, inner dialogue, the development and use of the will, service, actualization of the Self, wholeness and the principle of synthesis.  Participants can expect to gain a basic understanding of this approach as well as a direct experience of a technique they can bring into their work with clients. 

Cathy Henschel-McGerry, MA, LMHC, LMFT has been a psychotherapist in private practice since 1983, working with individuals, couples and groups. She is an approved clinical supervisor in Washington, providing supervision and consultation to clinicians. Her focus has been largely in the spiritual & psychodynamic psychologies.

Cathy began her search for wholeness in her teens and continues that quest through her personal and professional life. Starting with her practice of Transcendental Meditation and later Siddha Yoga, Tibetan Buddhism and The Diamond Approach, she has taken the essence of transformation into her clinical practice; her grounding in Psychosynthesis, Jungian psychotherapy and Object Relations work is informed by the foundation of how one lives a life of meaning and presence.

In addition to her practice, Cathy was an adjunct faculty member in the graduate psychology program at Antioch University, Seattle, from 1994-2015, where she taught Theories & Practice, Family of Origin, Case Consultation and Psychosynthesis. She has published articles on mothering and healing in the Spring Journal and The Journal of Family life.