Dr. Jane Tornatore, an expert in the field of Alzheimer’s Dementia and healthy aging, delivered SCA’s February presentation on brain health last week, providing simple tools that therapists and their clients can use in daily life to help maintain a healthy brain. Well versed in the latest research methods, Dr. Tornatore illustrated how brain function changes as a result of aging, why exercise is the most important thing you can do for your brain health (and why stress is so bad!), the best foods to eat for brain health, and tools for stress reduction.

Attendees left the meeting with information and hand-outs they can pass on to their clients to help keep their brains as healthy as possible. Member feedback at this month’s meeting was overwhelmingly positive, with most participants feeling they learned a great deal about practical, proven ways to maintain lifelong brain health both for themselves and for the people they serve.

So thank you, Dr. Tornatore!