SCA’s October meeting featured Danielle DeBray, a counselor for individuals and couples for over 20 years who also has vast experience in the financial world. Danielle helped attendees understand the importance of discussing financial matters with our clients and explored the role money plays in our client’s lives. We discussed how our client’s unhealed issues are manifested in their financial lives and learned how to create financial health from a psychological perspective.

Thank you Danielle!

Please join us November 18th for our November presentation about working with chemical dependency (CD) in private practice. Our presenters, Jeni West and Mark Anderson, have a wealth of experience working with client addiction. Jeni will help us understand issues related to medical detox and stabilization (when your clients need outpatient versus being medically managed) and Mark will discuss ways to confront you client’s denial and peel back layers to uncover and address core issue leading to CD. Attendees will learn how to work with CD issues in clients who refuse 12-step programs and are instead seeking private psychotherapy as CD treatment.

We look forward to seeing you on November 18h!