We were delighted to have Dr. Bill O’Connell, Ed.D., LMHC, NCC, join us for our annual June Ethics Program.  Bill’s presentation focused on a range of topics including confidentiality, privilege and privacy, social media, boundary violations, and a range of other topics.

Thanks Bill for a wonderful presentation!

Our 2009-2010 Program Series wrapped up on June 18th with “Ethics and You: A Relationship You Can Live With” presented by Dr. Yvonne Owen, Ph.D.  Yvonne presented a lively and informative workshop and provided participants with an experience of understanding ethical issues from the perspective of personal integrity.  The presentation included examining personal motives, exploring the intention behind the ethical codes, and helping us get in touch with our personal “compasses” in order to help us point the way to an ethical path.

Thanks Yvonne!